Sunday, September 22, 2013

From Flab to Fab! Pumpkin Style.

Sorry for the lack of posts, dear readers. Jen and I have been extremely busy with college work and have been swamped since day one. However, we're going to make time for fall because it's our favorite season and there is an abundance of tutorials for things we would love to try and share with all of you.

Here's a really quick tutorial my dad showed me recently to turn those cute, but dull and dirty pumpkins you picked from the patch into a vibrant and festive fall decoration. 

Fresh from 'da patch:

Wash your pumpkin (I used the kitchen sink!) with warm water, soap and the soft side of a sponge. Scrub all the dirt from the pumpkin and pat dry. Take a dollop of olive oil on a paper towel or cotton ball and rub it all over the pumpkin. Make sure to use a small amount of oil, because a little can go a long way!

Now look at these beauties!